Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Gimik Games Cebu

Allright! A lot has come and gone over the past few days. One of which was the last provincial leg of the Globe Summer Gimik Games in Cebu City held at the Ayala Center mall. Freeplay, tournaments and other activities went on throughout the day.

here are the winners for the Cebu tournament, these finalists will also vie for the qualifying round for the O2Jam national tournament.

1st Jorgen Joseph A. Dano ooojay2xooo
2nd Steve Y. Maceren Sylvarant
3rd Joven Doxe V. Caga siotelang

Last stop will be at Trinoma Mall at North Edsa. Id also like to remind everyone that we have a refer a friend program for O2Jam. Mechanics being if you're an O2Jam player bring a friend over who does not play O2Jam and you both get a chance to win 100 EP each. So see you all on June 28th!

In other news that being very good indeed, we can now confirm that we will be having a new patch for O2jam very soon. patch containing three new songs from Korea namely:

Beethoven's Fire
Mail Rider

be sure to check out the forums and the website on the date of the patch release. Help us breathe new life into O2Jam PH.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Globe SGG - Iloilo and davao Leg

last May 11, 2008 and May 17, 2008 was the dates for the Globe Summer GimikGames in SM Iloilo and SM Davao respectively. Again e-Games showcased all the games available including O2Jam of course. Did the usual tournaments and events. and came up with the 3 finalists from each leg to qualify for the national O2jam tournament.

the Davao leg had a different scenario though, since weve visited the place twice within 2 weeks. The winners from May 10, 2008 and the winners from May 17, 2008 jammed it out to contend for the top 3 position to qualify for the National tournament.

All in all both events have been great having lots of participants and enjoying a event filled program for the whole day.

here are the Winners from both legs of the event :

SM Iloilo

snitch snitch123
fred tarzo2005
rameuell Kahthleen

SM Davao

Kevin yumong Amunee
Irvin Padilla Xyko4killing
Jim Partayan Echizen22

Winners will be rewarded the usual prices of Set Items pets rings instruments etc. and of course to vie for the O2Jam National Tournament.

I'd upload a few pictures on my Multiply account ( but the website is blocked here at the office. Tough luck huh? maybe later when i get home.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Community team on BrewRats

Last April 30, 2008 the e-games community team thought of dropping by the radio station 99.5 Campus FM for the show of Tado, Ramon Bautista and DJ Angel called The
BrewRats. How we thought of going there was a different story though;

Me: "jason, Punta tayn kela Tado sa wednesday"

Jason: "Sige ba tex mo si tado"

Me: "sige ano number? "

Jason: "eto o "

me: "tenks !"

so i send an SMS to tado informally: "Tado punta kame jan sa wednesday"

tado replied "sige ba"

So that was it, we went to the station at around 10 PM we brought goodie bags for the DJ's and vouchers for the games. We werent really prepared for the questions, everything was impromptu and informal. We were all whispering to one another when a question ws thrown at us.

It was a fun night and a great experience as we finished the day with two bottles of booze at sharkys Timog hehehe.


Special thanks to the Hosts of BrewRats. Tado, Ramon bautista and Angel.

Globe Summer Gimik Games - Bacolod Leg

Last april 26 was the kick-off of the Globe Summer Gimik Games. the first leg was held at SM Bacolod. All the games of e-games will have activities, tournamnts, freeplay and a lot more.

personally i wasnt expecting much to happen nor i didnt expect that many people to come to the event as i have no idea what was the crowd in Bacolod City would be. My lowered expectations were, fortunately, changed as a lot of people came to the event. Id say it was one of the more succesful provincial events weve had. even though the internet connection provided by Globe went online at around 4 PM.

There were also Stage events during the day. The o2Jam battle of the Bands which was participated by 9 groups. the champion sang to the tune of Direction by Slapshock in a very heavy metalish way.

The o2 jam tournament had 15 registrants and here are the winners which will be vying for the o2 jam national tournament :

Larry M.Senal Jr. stephanie95
Dawn Marie Repe dawn12
kevin visitacion PGR

Looking forward to our next leg of events ill be updating you on where that is.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the Globe Summer Program Mall Tour

Good day sa lahat

In partnership with Globe. We will again be touring the country to host tournaments and activites so get ready!

April 26 - SM Bacolod
May 17 - SM Davao
May 21 - Cagayan de Oro Linketkai Mall
June 14 - Ayala Cebu
June 28 - Trinoma

we will be having the Standard tournament on all the events and the top three winners form each venue will jam it out until only three finalists remain.

This Tournament will be the start-off for the O2jam National Tournament.

There will be other activities on the said venues that we will be announcing later on

And yeah ill be on all the venues so see ya'll there guys ^^

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Domination II

Wow Coolness! So this is a blog huh? Anyway bear with me since i sure as hell do not blog! My entries would be short and not very detailed but i guess that would be fine so as not to waste too much of your precious time.

First of all thank you to all the O2 Jammers who attended the event last Sunday April 6, 2008 at the SMX convention center dubbed as Domination II. It's been two years now and i still see so many familiar faces Thank you for sticking with the community even though we do not deliver as much updates and contents for the game. Things are rather sketchy right now regarding the development of O2 Jam but rest assured that we are doing the best that we can at e-Games.

So now, on topic, Domination II, yeah! If you were there did you see the long queue? there were three actually, outside SMX, on the ground floor where you buy e-points and second floor where you gain entry to the event area. The lines were insanely long! At the end of the day 15,000 unique registrants came to the event. As in 15,000 people came to SMX to meet their online friends, buy merchandise, play tournaments, join the booth activities, watch the performance on the main stage, see the cosplayers, ride the dragon, ogle at the models, take lots of pictures, visit the sponsors, get hungry, eat food, and get freakin tired!

All in all it was a fun event, though it was so much of a mental overload with so many things happening at the same time. i still had fun just being with the Jammers, hosting the activities , the tournaments and giving out a few certificates. it was a worthwhile experience. And i hope to see everyone again on the next event.

And yeah even i was scared at the bouncers.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

E-games Evolution Mall Tour @ SM North EDSA this Sunday

Jammers!!! Finally the Mall Tour that we all have been waiting for. The E-games Evolution Mall Tour is real and its here!!! A series of Mall Tour Events will be happening starting this September 16, 2007 to the summer of next year.

*just present any unscratched 50 Php EP card to get in*

-Event starts 10AM-
Loyalty Card Holders get in for FREE

Evolution will be a fun filled day, E-games' treat to all E-gamerz for being the best community in the world of online games. As a matter of fact I, your community managers have something for all you guys...Here is the program I have prepared for you guys:


We'll have the passport activity, you'll be going thru all the E-games booths, complete the challenges, after getting all your passports stamped, you'll get a goodie bag @ the finish line.

So to get thru the O2Jam booth, here’s what u have to do:

Name that Band Challenge

· Passport participants will need to name at least one band whose songs are featured in the game O2Jam in 10 seconds.
· With one (1) right guess, they earn a stamp.
· If the participant did not get the name of the band right in 10 seconds, he must go around the venue to look for clues, come back and answer to the same challenge.


E-games Evolution Mall Tour
O2Jam Tournament

Single Player Event:
· Maximum of 80 players, registration on a first come first serve basis
· 8 players per group, 10 groups
· 1 tournament facilitator to facilitate the Single’s VS tournament

✔ After the 80 players have registered, they will be assigned randomly to 10 groups consisting of 8 players per group. A group leader will be assigned to carry out the tournament facilitator's instructions particularly in creating the Room Number, Room Name, and the songs to be played.
✔ Each member of the group will be assigned to a computer, O2 Jam server (ex. Kaliope), Channel (ex. Ch. 20) & Room Number and Name (ex. 001 O2 EB Tourney room).
✔ There will be 3 songs to be played in the 1st Elimination round. The songs will vary from levels and speed. After the 1st Elimination round, the top players, from each group, with the highest cumulative scores from the 3 songs will advance to the next round. The bottom players of each group will be eliminated.
✔ After the 1st elimination round, tournament facilitators will be responsible in assigning the10 players who will be randomly divided into two groups with 5 players per group. The 10 participants and the group leaders will also be assigned to a computer, server, and channel by the tournament facilitators.
✔ There will be 4 songs to be played in the 2nd Elimination round. The songs will vary from levels and speed. After the 2nd Elimination round, the top players, from each group, with the highest cumulative scores from the 4 songs will advance to the next round. The bottom players of each group will be eliminated.
✔ After the 2nd elimination round, tournament facilitators will be responsible in assigning the 8 players who will form the finals group. The 8 participants and the group leader will also be assigned to a computer, server, and channel by the tournament facilitators.
✔ The final round will have 5 songs with the highest level and fastest speed. The top 3 players with the highest scores are the winners.

Tournament Prizes:

1st – Complete Set of Choice (Head, Face, Top, Bottom, Shoes, Accessories + Pet) + Imation USB Baller Band + O2Jam T-Shirt
2nd – Complete Set of Choice ((Head, Face, Top, Bottom, Shoes + Pet)
3rd – Complete Set of Choice (Head, Face, Top, Bottom, + Pet)


We'll be having an O2Jam Raffle every 3 hours, and here are what’s at stake:

1st Raffle Draw
(2) - Limited O2Jam Poster from Korea + O2Jam Glittering Guitar Pin

2n Raffle Draw
(3) – O2Jam Bag with O2Jam Soundtrack CD
(2) – E-Games Loyalty Card

3rd Raffle Draw
(3) – E-Games USB Baller Band
(1) – O2Jam Jacket

So.....Shall I see you this Sunday @the Block - SM North EDSA???